T.E Markets Ltd Set To Launch Its Crypto Currency And Africa’s first Consolidated Exchange

2 min readSep 8, 2021

It is a new dawn for the financial markets in Africa as T.E Markets Limited, a leading financial investment Company has launched its own cryptocurrency, XTEMCoin, with presale ongoing and ending on Wednesday 15th, September on our website.

T.E Markets Ltd is a Holding Company registered in Seychelles with running projects in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, United States of America and soon in Ghana. The conglomerate is an African multifaceted organization, primarily focused on re-writing the African story.

Why Invest in TemCoin?

According to our founder, Ian Mvula, “Unlike other coins, XTEMCoin is not just going to be a naked cryptocurrency but rather will have real intrinsic value as it will be synthetically indexed to defined commodities exchanges, Indices, Stocks, Forex Cryptocurrencies and also enjoy the full credit and might of T.E Markets Limited and its various projects.

Ian further went on to say that XTEMCoin has taken cognizance of criticism that’s often labeled against other cryptocurrencies; this is the criticism about lacking fundamentals. In respect to that, T.E Markets Limited is building the first African Consolidated Exchange where almost all tradable instruments across major assets classes including African commodities will be traded and XTEMCoin will be the backbone of the exchange. It will be the common means of exchange on the platform.

“This is a major fundamental as the synthetic link for the XTEMCoin currency provides it with a much better source of intrinsic value than even fiat currencies,” he said.

How Does It Work?

Our first goal is to leverage disruptive technology to solve the problem not currently offered by other players in the African market.

Being an active player for over 21 years in the financial and more recently, crypto markets, Ian Mvula our CEO of T.E Markets says he realized there is no one-stop shop for trading agricultural commodities, especially those of African origin, Stocks, Indices, Forex and Cryptocurrencies. In a bid to bridge this gap, he and fellow business partners are coming up with Africa’s first Consolidated Exchange that will be synthetically indexed to almost all tradable instruments including African commodities.

XTEMCoin’s Whitepaper is up on the website and asserts that the coin will be listed in major crypto exchanges during the public sale which is set to commence on 1st September 2021.

As his parting shot, Ian Mvula said that T.E Markets is re-writing the African story and went ahead to ask the public to take a chance with them and participate in the XTEMCoin’s private and public sales.

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Building Africa's First Consolidated Exchange & giving Africa its economic voice back! XTEM Coin will be the common means of payment across the exchange.